Sunday, October 19, 2008

Alive and kicking.


The late and lamented master of jazz, Louis ‘Satchmo’ Armstrong made famous the classic song, ‘What a wonderful world.’ Material possessions help to ease the daily burden for some, but what provides contentment and satisfaction are Mother Nature and people.
Nature when left to its own devices takes care of itself, people on the other hand at times find this extremely difficult. Over the years fads come and go and society as a whole quite often tends to paint itself into a corner. Not that long ago life was nowhere near as confusing and complicated as it is today. Men went to work to support the family and the wife saw to the kids, did the housework and provided the meals.

Today this is an impossibility as day to day expenses make it a necessity for both parties to have full time employment. When I married back in 1972, it became essential for Gabi and I to both seek work so ends could be met. The question I have heard asked on more than one occasion is how come years ago people survived on one wage and maintained a standard of living considered comfortable at the time. The answer is that today, technology has created numerous labour saving devices that formerly were unheard of. Consider the following...........
Mobile phones, Plasma & LCD Televisions, DVD players & recorders, Ipods, Home theatre sound equipment, Computers & the trappings that go with them, Home Air Conditioning ( Reverse cycle & Ducted ), Digital this and Automatic that. These are not seen as luxuries but as necessities and what is used to pay for them all, the dreaded, but widely used credit card. Only buy something when you can afford it......don’t be silly, how quaint and old fashioned.

Our TV screens, our books and magazines promote pure unadulterated mediocrity. Our politicians deal out spin and ignore the well being of their constituents and continue to sing their own praises while everything goes to Hell. Promiscuous and at times criminal behavior by prominent people does not prevent them from being treated as normal folk and more than often they actually profit from their clandestine activities. It must be said that society has indeed been brainwashed into accepting crap as quality and in many cases has embraced and fondled it. Examples are tastes in music and many of the mini talented artists regarded as superstars, reality television, overseas but mostly local poorly scripted and acted TV dramas, meaningless Logie awards and Gay Mardi Gras parades with the same old tired sagging tits and bums mincing their way along Oxford St. using the same old boring choreography from years gone by. Some halfwit University clown wanted the Government to build permanent grandstands as, in his opinion the Sydney farce was now on a par with Rio's. Talk about demented.

A small part of Rio.  Compare this..........

..........with this.  The best Sydney ever gets.

Enough is enough, despite all this, there thankfully are still some out there who refuse to adhere to political correctness and its intrusion into basic civil liberties. These people are the silent majority, whose silence encourages the dumb and misguided buffoons into believing their beliefs are those of the majority. Not rocking the boat will never stop the minority from having its deluded way. Tell the fools what you truly believe and not what you think they want to hear. Do not remain silent as it allows the noisy minority to set and introduce their misguided agendas and criticise those who oppose them. Even though I'll be toes up at Ryhope before it happens, the day will come when the silent majority will eventually see to it that true and proper values will return and the obsession with and encouragement of promiscuity along with the promotion of garbage as quality will be confined to where the Creator of the Universe intended it all to be in the first place........Channel Ten.

The bulk of my life may be over, but a percentage of it will still have to be lived and boy, am I going to live it. It truly is a wonderful world, it’s merely some of the idiots living in it that are the problem. All that's required is to live life to the full, follow your conscience, keep the boat rocking and don’t give those PC bastards an even break.

The tales that follow may indicate to some that I was no different than many modern day brain dead hoons, but the only people who were harmed were those who deserved it........mostly it was me.

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