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A real man's football

Wankers ball.

There are many team sports that are played on a regular basis here in Australia.

Hockey, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and Softball, to name only a few, have their rusted on fans who regularly attend the various matches, to cheer on their favourites. However none of these sports receive the publicity and are given the media attention that the popular football codes receive. The reason is simply that the number of these footy fans are in their millions throughout the nation, whereas the aforementioned merely have not much more than a cult following. Even though basketball and hockey manage to attract a half decent TV audience during the Olympics, they do not have enough fans to ever be a force throughout any Australian state at any other time. 

Similarly, Australian Rules football in Sydney and Brisbane has a following made up of mainly expat Victorians and South Australians as the local home grown populations simply wont wear the code and regard it as a form of mediaeval village ball. The general consensus of opinion is it is only played by those who lack the skills to play soccer and/or the intestinal fortitude to play  either League or Union.
When the siren sounds to start an Aussie Rules match, what follows are 4 quarters of fumbling, stumbling and knock ons which comprise over 80% of the game, caused by some of the worst handling you would be ever likely to see on any sporting field.

Central Coast Bears Rugby League Clinic.

Even the girls have fun playing League.
Based on the crowds that flock to watch this terrible excuse for a sport in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, Australian Rules would have to be regarded as arguably Australia's most popular football code. How they can be entertained by watching a mob of unorganised rabble running around a cricket oval completely and utterly wasting their time, I'll never understand.

This useless game, in the eyes of most New South Welshmen and Queenslanders is regarded as a joke and for as long as I can recall, it has been  known as Aerial Ping Pong, Fumbleball or Cross country Basketball and the Victorian mob running the Competition has been referred to as the GayFL.

These southern boffins are out to conquer the two eastern states and are convinced their flawed game will eventually be adopted by their footy fans. Oh Boy, have they misread their target audience.
If Sydney sporting fans love, yet are reluctant at times to attend their favourite forms of sport, why are the AFL folk under the impression they will turn out in force to watch a game and code they absolutely loathe. All one can do is quote a line from The Castle,
"Get your hand off it Daryl."

AFL.  West Coast Eagles v Richmond.  (West Coast won)

AFL Auskick Clinic.
AFL football is a religion in the southern states and the west, but one too many bridges have been crossed by the AFL in introducing their flawed brand into the Gold Coast and West Sydney. Of the two teams the Gold Coast Suns appeared to have the best chance of survival, but already their memberships are down and their home crowds are evaporating as the rot has truly set in. Along with the GWS Giants, they have seen the writing on the wall and are blatantly fudging their ground attendance figures and are guilty of misleading everyone with their dodgy membership figures as well.

Many AFL fans seem to think that once these two teams start putting together a few wins, that the crowds will flock to the matches in ever increasing numbers. The reality is, for this to occur, their football code would have to be regarded as worthwhile and entertaining to watch. Unfortunately, this is not and never will be the case.
"Sydney loves a winner," the AFL people keep on saying.
"Once they start winning, the crowds will come," so say the alleged experts.
If that's the case, why isn't the Melbourne Storm playing in front of a packed stadium?
The answer is simple, Melbourne folk dont like League and the vast majority refuse to attend the Storm's home games, despite their team being the best in the current premiership. Similarly, West Sydney folk and Gold Coasters will not attend the GWS and Suns games because the vast majority cannot stand Australian Rules football and all the money being poured into these two clubs, along with their clinics and academies etc. will in both the long and short term, be all for nought.

Although in the twilight of my years, I am convinced I will live long enough to witness the demise of both these two development clubs and I would not be surprised to see the Brisbane Lions and the Swans eventually follow them along the road to oblivion.

For a brief period of history, the NBA's basketball competition was in full swing. The best team happened to be the Sydney Kings who despite winning three consecutive premierships, were forced to fold. Although readmitted to the competition two years later, they remain only a shadow of their former self.
Interest in the team has faded, but more importantly with basketball itself. The game is played socially by many, but as a spectator sport it fails to rate and has only a cult following. The same applies to AFL football in Sydney and Brisbane, very few are even mildly interested.

This year (2013), the Gold Coast Suns are showing how poor the Competition standard is, by actually winning a few matches, yet their shonky memberships and ground attendance continue to drop, not increase.
To be fair an exception to this was the Collingwood match during July 2013, when the official crowd was given as 19,000, however there was more black and white prevalent than the Gold Coast red. All those expats are still supporting the old team.

Despite many of the top AFL players being paid for their alleged skills, the amatuer Irish Gaelic footballers continue to give them a hiding whenever they play the ludicrous International Rules, which is simply Gaelic football with behind posts added. Even the Irish have no interest in playing the extremely flawed Australian Rules, along with the rest of the planet. 

Some people point to the success of the Lions and Swans and insist that AFL footy is on the move and is rapidly increasing in the heartlands of Rugby League. What they forget is the followers of both these teams are at the least, 60% expats whose age demographic is over the age of 50. One merely has to look at the TV ratings throughout the eastern states to become aware that Aussie Rules hardly has a following. Two NRL cellar dwellers attract 5 times the television audience that the Swans and Lions do in Sydney and Brisbane respectively. As for the Giants and Suns, hardly anybody at all watches their matches on TV or at the ground for that matter, regardless of where, when and who they are playing when at home.

Many AFL fans point out that the NRL's TV ratings on the digital channel Gem are only one third of the AFL on 7Mate. The total audience on the FTA channel is also greater more often than not. All this shows is AFL football is more popular in the AFL states than the NRL is in Sydney and Brisbane. The ratings in the two Rugby League cities for AFL are at times almost non existant, as was stated earlier on. Take time to review the city and regional ratings and it's a whole new ballgame, the NRL at times trounces the AFL. Regardless of who wins or loses, the main purpose of this blog is not to promote NRL in VIC, SA and WA, but merely to point out what devious and cunning manipulators the AFL is in NSW and Queensland.

As for the game itself, there is no need for me to state that I simply cannot stand it and regard it as a boring spectacle and a complete waste of time. If one ever has time to discuss football with the residents of the two eastern states, it will be revealed the vast majority of them agree wholeheartedly with me. 

In Victoria the AFL has no need to fudge attendance figures, lie about the numbers of registered players, exaggerate the success of their school programs and continually produce fantasy figures for participants, but brother, they sure are guilty as sin here in NSW and even more so in Queensland at doing just that.

The motor mouthed dipstick that is the GWS Giants coach boasted, "We now have 12,000 members.'
Giants CEO David Matthews when commenting on the memberships, actually had the audacity to announce publicly, "This is a tremendous show of faith in our club which has been embraced by the people of Western Sydney and Canberra in particular."
Fair dinkum, this guy needs treatment.
One only has to travel throughout the wild west to become aware that nobody can be seen wearing the orange GWS colours and to discover any AFL football actually being played would come as a big surprise.
When coach Sheedy visited a western Sydney school recently, not one student knew who he was and to top it off he was asked what NRL team he was from.

Ask Blacktown Council and its constituents how they have embraced GWS and the air around you will turn blue. This council was conned into building a tin pot oval for GWS and before its construction was even completed, the AFL was lobbying the then NSW state government to spend $100,000,000 to revamp the Homebush showground for them.
The huge oversize billboards with Israel Folau plugging the Giants, all of a sudden were no more to be seen, I wonder why?
The council once again has thrown its support behind the NRL after burning their fingers dabbling with those southern wankers and being made aware of what perennial liars and con men they are.
Even Israel himself realised what a waste of time the flawed game of Australian Rules is and left the sinking ship that is GWS.


The Giants fan club at Blacktown.

The Blacktown white elephant.
Two Premiers told them to shove off, when they were proven to be lying about their playing figures. They claimed to have 20,000 registered players, in reality it was 2,987...........A slight exaggeration. The blonde bimbo Labor appointed to hold the reins of office up until they were turfed out by the voters, gave the go ahead, leaving her political party with only a handful of seats and the AFL with a taxpayer funded white elephant. The GWS fans who attend their home games would all fit into a shipping container, with enough room left over for the bus that drove them there.

As for the 12,000 members, where are they? They're certainly not in Western Sydney. Take a look...............

The official crowd was 5800. In reality around 2500 -3000. It should be mentioned that over 2000 free tickets were handed out for this match.
Same match, different shot. There were more Adelaide supporters present than GWS.

Manuka, ACT.  Glad those fans got there early to get a seat.

Motor mouth conceded that there were over 3000 members in Canberra, which in reality means there could be over 6000, but going on the lousy turnout at GWS's last ACT match which attracted 6000 expats only, I doubt that to be correct. The bulk of the members reside outside of Sydney and Canberra and would live in Victoria mainly.

Another load of meaningless drivel from motor mouth occurred during his last day at Skoda park after his no hopers were thrashed by Richmond. Like most of the expats who attend the GWS games he was either in denial of the real situation, or was merely following the warped AFL party line relating to the popularity of the orange imposters.

"Just wait in three to five years from now you wont get in the stadium, it'll be sold out." stated the dipstick. Can you believe it?

The AFL has bucketloads of money to pour into this mob, as it has already done, but Sheedy and the handful of wankers who support GWS have failed to notice there aren't any fans of AFL football out west, so where are the sell out crowds going to come from?

Another bone of contention is the AFL's bribing of some Western Sydney councils into granting it sole use of playing fields that were previously used by the other codes. The first thing that appears are the goalposts and a large sign stating the ground is for the exclusive use of the rapidly expanding game of Australian Rules. Trouble is nearly all of these grounds and parklands lie idle as the 'rapidly expanding' AFL doesn't have any teams to play on them. 
One would imagine that these councils are on shaky ground and may find themselves voted out at the next council elections, as the AFL's aggression has angered the vast majority of the ratepayers, who have no time for what is seen by them to be no more than sporting apartheid.

At last count there were well over 23,000 junior league and more than 60,000 soccer players battling to play on a shortage of playing fields out west, yet these dickhead councils allow these fields to be taken over by these Victorian village ballers whose code is struggling with not much more than a handful of players on their books..........3000 only, in fact, throughout the whole of the wild west. 

Holroyd Oval. What a joke.
Comparing NRL memberships with the AFL ones can be misleading. South Sydney has at present 22,000 members who bring in 3.5 million dollars to the club and they are laughing all the way to the bank, yet many AFL clubs with over 45,000 members are struggling to make a profit, many suffer losses. The Brisbane Lions are a basketcase and the Swans are running at a loss, despite after all their years of existence, both clubs still have to be fed millions of dollars from AFL headquarters to survive. I cannot speak for the AFL state clubs, but I am aware the majority of memberships in the NRL are fully ticketed ones. The NRL only started promoting memberships around 3 years ago and since then many clubs have quadrupled their numbers. this trend will continue whilst these memberships are being promoted. The bulk of GWS's are 3 match memberships and many of these are handed out free if one changes their power provider to Origin Energy or attends one of their clinics etc. I read somewhere you can also purchase one match memberships. I am willing to bet this mob adds on the pet memberships as well. What an absolute load of pure unadulterated misleading crap. 
The Gold Coast has more supporters of AFL than Western Sydney and although in only their third year, both memberships and ground attendance are going downhill. What hope have the Giants of building up support in an area where no one wants to know them, or their football code?................Buckley's. 

Another major problem for the AFL is the number of Auskickers who return to whatever sport they were playing when the clinic ends. Very few have any interest in taking up Aussie Rules at all. In Sydney the percentage is actually under 1% and in Brisbane and the Gold Coast it is around 1.5%. 

Ask any retail sports store any where in Sydney, what range of clothing and equipment is almost impossible to sell and in all cases you will be told Sherrin footballs and other AFL paraphenalia. Many sports and other shops don't even stock AFL gear anymore.

When Soccer, Union and League are asked to provide details relating to participation rates etc., the information provided is generally 100% accurate. Although the Rugby Union has been known to count one schoolkid who plays for his school and a suburban or regional team twice. When the kings of spin are asked the same question, the figures they provide at times are laughable.
When Leichhardt Council called for expressions of interest from sporting clubs to play on 2 parks they had prepared, the AFL applied, stating that they had 1,680 odd fully registered players in the district. Fortunately a Council member called for area postcodes for the players. All the other codes playing figures were spot on, the AFL however, in reality had only 240.
Schoolkids who play Rugby League for their school and/or their region are genuine participants and are counted as such by the NRL. If any of these kids attend only one Auskick clinic, the AFL classes them as AFL participants even though none of them has ever played Aussie Rules, or is even mildly interested in doing so. The AFL and it's deluded fan club of course, continually deny this is the case, but have been caught out so often, I don't know why they bother. Why sponsors in NSW and Queensland have anything to do with this bunch of lying manipulators, I'll never know.

The AFL lies about its school programs, lies about its playing numbers, lies about its participation rates and most certainly lies about the popularity of their two development teams, neither of which has enough support to continue for too much longer.
The Rugby League teams that the blinkered AFL fan boys insist will fold in the next few years will go on attracting woeful crowds now and then and in the future, but 20 years from now they'll still be here, whereas the Suns and the farce that is the GWS Giants will have long since faded into oblivion where they deserve to be.

Research has made it possible to publish documented facts about the various playing strengths of the main sporting codes, however the huge content would require way too much time and concentration to take it all in. Please take time to read carefully the statistics that relate to mainly two disticts only, but are representative of all the other districts throughout and around Sydney.


The Newcastle region.

Soccer:  No. of registered players.......16,000 and rising.

Netball:   12,000 and rising.

Rugby League:  8,500 and rising.

Rugby Union:    3,000 and steady. 

AFL:       Around 600 and decreasing.


The AFL has around a total of 66 teams playing in Hawkesbury, Penrith, Liverpool, Blue Mountains and Camden.

The Group 6 Junior Rugby League, which is in the Camden area, currently has a record number of 312 teams.

The St. Mary's Junior Rugby League Club in the Penrith district had 46 teams and over 700 players in the local competition throughout 2011.
For what it's worth, the St Mary's Leagues club that fully supports the footballers has a membership of around 45,000 at last count.

The St. Clair Comets have at least 45 teams and over 710 players.

There are currently 24 Junior Rugby League Clubs playing in the Penrith Competition.

The total of fully registered players in Penrith alone is over 9,000 and rising, with more than 500 teams. Add in the schoolkids, the Joey League and Oztag players and the numbers would be what the AFL could only dream about.

Note: The Penrith Junior Rugby League has more teams and registered players than the AFL has in the whole of the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area, the Central Coast, Newcastle, Illawarra, the Southern Highlands and the ACT combined.

Bear in mind if all the other League clubs added their junior players to the list, how far behind would the AFL be.

Despite all the lies that emanate from the kings of spin aka the AFL and despite their laughable fudged playing numbers etc., they still remain and will always remain throughout NSW and Queensland minor blips on the radar.
For every Auskick kid there would be scores of  other young kids in NRL clinics. The NRL however does not regard these, or refers to them as registered players, as does the AFL. For every school the AFL has infiltrated, there would be dozens more whose students refuse to have anything to do with it. When accurately comparing numbers between the various codes, it's Soccer by a mile, followed by League and Union, with Aussie Rules a distant last. 

If GWS and the Gold Coast are still here 5 years from now, it will only be because of the stubborness of the AFL propping up these two teams so as not to lose face.
During 2016 the GWS Giants, despite all the extra money poured into it by the AFL's bottomless money pit and despite all the salary cap and draft advantages it received, was given,(not loaned), given an extra $20,000,000.
Despite this they still managed to post over a $600,000 loss for the season. Can you believe it?
Why are they still here wasting every ones time and money I'll never know? It's only a matter of time before sanity prevails and they're axed from the competition.
 Channel 7 finally realised that showing all that Aussie Rules rubbish on the major station was a ratings nightmare in NSW and Queensland and relegated it to its digital channel. The annoying thing still is however, the amount of time on the major channel that is devoted to AFL news items that the vast majority of viewers in the two eastern states couldn't give a toss about. The same applies to the other networks as well. There appears to be denial that Aussie Rules football news, along with the code itself, simply is not liked or even mildly interests the average East Coast viewer. 

To sum up, Australian Rules football is seen as a complete and utter waste of time in the eastern states and the pouring of untold millions of dollars into the Giants and Gold Coast will not force the locals to accept and adopt them. As mentioned earlier, the game is only followed by expats who, to their credit, will attend matches in greater proportion to followers of the other codes. The problem is they comprise the majority of the code's supporters leaving very few at home to improve the almost non existant TV ratings, which is where the real money originates. The teams are regarded as rubbish as is the 3rd. rate code. $200,000,000 from now the penny will eventually drop and it will be bye bye GWS and GC, one can only hope it occurs sooner than later.
Get used to it Giants, there's going to be a lot more of this to come, which will eventually bring about..............

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LOOKS INVITING?..............Read on.

If you want justice, steer clear of this place.

Each year Australia literally comes to a complete stop when one of the World's greatest horseraces takes place in the Victorian capitol of Melbourne.

For decades this annual event was simply known as the Melbourne Cup, but along with so many other events and establishments, it now has the name of the sponsor preceding it. At present the main sponsor happens to be the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, namely Emirates Airlines.

Advertising is plastered everywhere, along with Hijab clad hostesses beaming in the background while everyone from the owners down to the jockey sing the praises of how honoured and pleased everyone is to have such a wonderful organisation sponsoring the great event. 

Each year almost 1 million Australians visit Dubai to pour bucketloads of their hard earned cash into the coffers of this oil rich desert city. Many Aussies are employed by the various companies and hotels that have sprung up everywhere almost overnight.

The UAE is regarded as being extremely friendly and tolerant of westerners, as they, (the westerners) are spending money and making their sheiks etc. even more wealthier than they undoubtably already are. The holiday agencies paint Dubai as a luxurious holiday haven and going on the streams of tourists heading over there, it appears the spin is being believed.

One side of what can happen in this den of iniquity has for many years been kept hidden so as not to offend any of those tea towel wearing nutters who run this dodgy town.
Lately there have been many stories emerging from women and girls who have been attacked, drugged and raped by the local sleazebags who prey on these unfortunate ladies. In all fairness, some of the stories may have been exaggerated and some may have even been completely untrue, but in most cases they have been nothing but the truth and are quite common and typical of what is a regular occurrence in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.

Please take the time to read what happened to 27 year old Australian Alicia Gail during 2008. This unfortunate lass was not a dipsy teenage tourist partymaker out for a goodtime, yet what happened to her was and is merely one of many incidents occurring all the time in this town and country governed by archaic fundamentalism.
Alicia was hired as the manager of the Starwood La Meriden Al Aqar Beach Resort, Fujiarah, spa and beauty salon in downtown Dubai.

The Resort.
Some of our friendly staff are only too happy to drug and rape you.

After a hard days work she met with fellow workers in the employees bar for a few quiet drinks. She awoke hours later in a hotel room completely naked, with broken ribs and massive bruising on her body. Her drink had been spiked and she had been raped by three pieces of filth who were hotel employees. She was found unconcious by security guards who were sent to the bedroom when loud screams were heard coming from within the room. Also present were the three male hotel employees who were also completely naked.

Both the hotel and the Australian Embassy refused to offer any assistance whatsoever, even though she had to be taken to hospital for treatment. After treatment she reported the incident to the local police, who in turn had the audacity to charge her with having illicit sex under the UAE sharia law. I'll swear on the Bible I'm not making this up. The police statement was taken down in Arabic, which she did not understand and it was when she had to appear in court she discovered this statement was a confession that she had drunk alcohol and had had consensual illicit sex. Sharia law states that it requires four males to testify that the sex was not convenient. As for the consumption of alcohol, the muslim nations have outlawed it, but evidently in the UAE you merely have to purchase a licence to enjoy a wine or beer, talk about hypocritical.

Alicia Gail was sentenced to 11 months in Gaol for having unlawful illicit sex.

Since returning home to Australia she has racked up a fortune in medical bills and has begun proceedings against the resort in Dubai. As stated earlier on she has never received any assistance from her own government and I am led to believe that members of her family were told by Australian officials to calm down and not to make a fuss, as the UAE is a major trading partner in the region and they don't want to offend them..........Have you ever heard such drivel and bullshit. This girl was drugged, savagely attacked and then raped for God's sake. I am surprised her family members were not accused of being racist.
Why anyone with only a modicum of intelligence would want to visit this backward thinking dung heap, despite the billions that have been spent turning it into a modern looking metropolis, I'll never understand. Outwardly they may appear futuristic, but their ruling classes and laws are still in the pre middle ages.

Anybody contemplating a holiday or visit to this shit hole, please think twice, as in the immortal words of the late, great and long gone Tommy Hanlon Junior,

"It could be you."

I was contemplating doing an article on Bali as well, but it looks as though all those holidaymakers falling over themselves to pour their hard earned cash into the economy of the world's 4th most corrupt nation, will soon be responsible for destroying what was once an unspoiled paradise, without any help or hinderance from me.

Paradise lost.
Canadian musician Joni Mitchell once wrote and sang, "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot." 
In Bali its more than just parking lots, it's 5 star hotel developments springing up everywhere as landowners sell their land to money hungry developers. Many rice growers and other farmers are being put out of business as what is known as the 'Kuta Cancer' continues to infect and spread throughout what was once Nirvana. Water is becoming scarce and the island will soon be unable to support the number of tourists who continue to flock there.

It's only a matter of time before Bali as it once was will cease to exist and the effects of inflation will see to it that the holiday makers will be forced to flock elsewhere.

The Bali locals have had enough and are beginning to mobilise to prevent  the ravages that arise  from rampant development and tourism at any cost destroying their unique way of life. They have become fed up with the millions of holidaymakers who, in some circles are now regarded as a form of pollution and they want the brakes applied before their island is destroyed. I wish them luck, they're going to need  it.

A quote from a well known Balinese entertainer sums up the situation simply but effectively,

"I remember when I lived 200 metres away from Kuta Beach and at night I could clearly hear the sound of the waves from my room. Now all you can hear are people saying, 'Fuck off.' "


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