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LOOKS INVITING?..............Read on.

If you want justice, steer clear of this place.

Each year Australia literally comes to a complete stop when one of the World's greatest horseraces takes place in the Victorian capitol of Melbourne.

For decades this annual event was simply known as the Melbourne Cup, but along with so many other events and establishments, it now has the name of the sponsor preceding it. At present the main sponsor happens to be the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, namely Emirates Airlines.

Advertising is plastered everywhere, along with Hijab clad hostesses beaming in the background while everyone from the owners down to the jockey sing the praises of how honoured and pleased everyone is to have such a wonderful organisation sponsoring the great event. 

Each year almost 1 million Australians visit Dubai to pour bucketloads of their hard earned cash into the coffers of this oil rich desert city. Many Aussies are employed by the various companies and hotels that have sprung up everywhere almost overnight.

The UAE is regarded as being extremely friendly and tolerant of westerners, as they, (the westerners) are spending money and making their sheiks etc. even more wealthier than they undoubtably already are. The holiday agencies paint Dubai as a luxurious holiday haven and going on the streams of tourists heading over there, it appears the spin is being believed.

One side of what can happen in this den of iniquity has for many years been kept hidden so as not to offend any of those tea towel wearing nutters who run this dodgy town.
Lately there have been many stories emerging from women and girls who have been attacked, drugged and raped by the local sleazebags who prey on these unfortunate ladies. In all fairness, some of the stories may have been exaggerated and some may have even been completely untrue, but in most cases they have been nothing but the truth and are quite common and typical of what is a regular occurrence in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.

Please take the time to read what happened to 27 year old Australian Alicia Gail during 2008. This unfortunate lass was not a dipsy teenage tourist partymaker out for a goodtime, yet what happened to her was and is merely one of many incidents occurring all the time in this town and country governed by archaic fundamentalism.
Alicia was hired as the manager of the Starwood La Meriden Al Aqar Beach Resort, Fujiarah, spa and beauty salon in downtown Dubai.

The Resort.
Some of our friendly staff are only too happy to drug and rape you.

After a hard days work she met with fellow workers in the employees bar for a few quiet drinks. She awoke hours later in a hotel room completely naked, with broken ribs and massive bruising on her body. Her drink had been spiked and she had been raped by three pieces of filth who were hotel employees. She was found unconcious by security guards who were sent to the bedroom when loud screams were heard coming from within the room. Also present were the three male hotel employees who were also completely naked.

Both the hotel and the Australian Embassy refused to offer any assistance whatsoever, even though she had to be taken to hospital for treatment. After treatment she reported the incident to the local police, who in turn had the audacity to charge her with having illicit sex under the UAE sharia law. I'll swear on the Bible I'm not making this up. The police statement was taken down in Arabic, which she did not understand and it was when she had to appear in court she discovered this statement was a confession that she had drunk alcohol and had had consensual illicit sex. Sharia law states that it requires four males to testify that the sex was not convenient. As for the consumption of alcohol, the muslim nations have outlawed it, but evidently in the UAE you merely have to purchase a licence to enjoy a wine or beer, talk about hypocritical.

Alicia Gail was sentenced to 11 months in Gaol for having unlawful illicit sex.

Since returning home to Australia she has racked up a fortune in medical bills and has begun proceedings against the resort in Dubai. As stated earlier on she has never received any assistance from her own government and I am led to believe that members of her family were told by Australian officials to calm down and not to make a fuss, as the UAE is a major trading partner in the region and they don't want to offend them..........Have you ever heard such drivel and bullshit. This girl was drugged, savagely attacked and then raped for God's sake. I am surprised her family members were not accused of being racist.
Why anyone with only a modicum of intelligence would want to visit this backward thinking dung heap, despite the billions that have been spent turning it into a modern looking metropolis, I'll never understand. Outwardly they may appear futuristic, but their ruling classes and laws are still in the pre middle ages.

Anybody contemplating a holiday or visit to this shit hole, please think twice, as in the immortal words of the late, great and long gone Tommy Hanlon Junior,

"It could be you."

I was contemplating doing an article on Bali as well, but it looks as though all those holidaymakers falling over themselves to pour their hard earned cash into the economy of the world's 4th most corrupt nation, will soon be responsible for destroying what was once an unspoiled paradise, without any help or hinderance from me.

Paradise lost.
Canadian musician Joni Mitchell once wrote and sang, "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot." 
In Bali its more than just parking lots, it's 5 star hotel developments springing up everywhere as landowners sell their land to money hungry developers. Many rice growers and other farmers are being put out of business as what is known as the 'Kuta Cancer' continues to infect and spread throughout what was once Nirvana. Water is becoming scarce and the island will soon be unable to support the number of tourists who continue to flock there.

It's only a matter of time before Bali as it once was will cease to exist and the effects of inflation will see to it that the holiday makers will be forced to flock elsewhere.

The Bali locals have had enough and are beginning to mobilise to prevent  the ravages that arise  from rampant development and tourism at any cost destroying their unique way of life. They have become fed up with the millions of holidaymakers who, in some circles are now regarded as a form of pollution and they want the brakes applied before their island is destroyed. I wish them luck, they're going to need  it.

A quote from a well known Balinese entertainer sums up the situation simply but effectively,

"I remember when I lived 200 metres away from Kuta Beach and at night I could clearly hear the sound of the waves from my room. Now all you can hear are people saying, 'Fuck off.' "


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