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Down Memory Lane

From 1960 'til now or therabouts

Unfortunately, I was never the one to worry about photography during the 1960's. I suppose there were too many other distractions that kept me active and there simply was not time to be taking snapshots. This is something that I regret to this very day. So many attractive girls and so many good mates whose images are simply just that......images.
Surprisingly, after going through boxes of unfiled prints and slides, I discovered there were many more shots taken over the years than I would have ever imagined. Here are just a few.

Michelle and Pogo. January 1961.
Michelle was my first steady and didn't we have some fun. Note the 1927 Chevvy in the background. It belonged to Jim, AKA ' The Rodent.' People walking on the footpath would stop and applaud as we drove through Newport. The Chevvy had a highly sophisticated security system when parked in a shonky area. Jim would simply remove the rotor button and stick it in his pocket.

Michelle, Pogo, Carol, Jim, Jocelyn.                        
The two Kiwi girls Jocelyn and Carol eventually took off in a Kombi van on an around Australia trip and were not sighted for at least 18 to 20 months. When they finally returned we were invited to visit them in their flat at Crows Nest, I think. Jocelyn had not changed, she was just as pretty as before, but Wow! hadn't Carol got streetwise. Gone were the glasses, replaced with contact lenses, her hair was now short and styled, her slacks were sprayed on revealing a gorgeous figure no one knew she had and she was being squired by an extremely good looking boyfriend built like a brick shipyard. They were both lovely girls.
Speaking of lovely girls here's two of the three Lannen sisters in their school uniforms. Unlike the two mischief makers from the sixties who wore theirs to the footy at Brookvale Oval, Gabi and Cathy were actually still going to school.
Cathy aged 14, Gabi aged 12.

Gabi aged 29 showing off with Flo and baby Patrick.
The long gone 1970's Thank God.
The bed was like sleeping on a condom full of walnuts.



During the 1980's Gabi and I spent several days up the mountains. We stayed at the Leura Gardens Motel and did the usual tourist tour around the region. A highlight was our trip to Jenolan Caves, but one of the lowlights was this bloody bed we're lying on. It was like sleeping on a giant condom stuffed with marbles.

Feathered freeloaders.

Pete the possum.
During the early 2000's Gabi and I had a timber floor laid in our Arcadia Vale residence and as it was going to take 4 to 5 days we moved out and booked into the Wangi Point Camping Park. It turned into a 2 week stay as the humid weather would not allow the floor varnish to dry properly. One thing we discovered whilst staying in our cabin was the brush tailed possums were partial to the odd bit of horizontal folk dancing and decided the dance floor should be underneath the cabin. Once again I missed out on many an interesting photo, but at least I was able to snap the two above.

Gabi with Spatz at Peakhurst.

Scrip Clerk extraodinaire.
Xmas drinks and munchies.
The Adams Family celebrates Xmas. (We won best dressed)
Bain Securities. Good firm, great people. My Heavens didn't we play up at many of the organised outings and functions. This was Xmas at the old Maritime Services Building at Circular Quay. The Addams Family killed them. Janina, who went as Morticia did an excellent job making me up. I went as Uncle Festus and impressed the judges because my light globe lit up when placed in the mouth. We ended up winning the best dressed and if my memory is correct, it was worthwhile as there was a sizable cash prize that enabled us to purchase a bucketload of Lotto tickets. Suffice to say, none of us ended up retiring from the workforce. The Xmas party two years earlier at the Opera House was such a blast, I ended up in hospital for two weeks recovering from my first and thankfully only heart attack. Sharon and Hayley from Melbourne along with the two top sorts from Newcastle made that a night to remember.

Some Wedding Snaps
Patrick and Kylie.
Georges River Sunset.
We were fortunate that our photographer was on the ball. He was all over the place snapping this and snapping that, when he noticed what may have been a half decent sunset on the make. the happy couple were hustled onto the top deck of the ferry and several beautiful shots were taken. From start to finish, it only lasted no more than 3 to 4 minutes.

The Fullers.
Anyone see Underbelly?
Helen and Phil must have been so proud to have produced two such lovely young ladies as Bride Kylie and Bridesmaid Nicole. I have never seen the girls looking as lovely as they did at the wedding and reception.

Kylie's sister Nicole looking great.
 There must be something in the water at the Hardings, as the beautiful Nicole ended up giving birth to twins as well, when she finally tied the knot.
The Fullers and the Stokes.
Gabi's Mob.
A pod of Holmes.
You should see the progeny this mob has produced. Good looking guys and absolutely sensational looking gals. Thankfully Kylie and Patrick were able to follow in their footsteps.

The last supper?
This brought back memories of my surf club days, but I must admit that even I never had that many cuties at the one time.....come to think of it this lot would have probably been much more than my ration for the whole of the 1960's and early 70's. If this was the Last Supper, what a way to go. "Show us your tongue please... oh I see it's already out."

Gabi's mum Holly's 80th. (Afro Gabi in background)
Kylie and Patrick saw to it that smiles lit up the faces of not only Gabi and I and Helen and Phil but also the Great Grandparents, Molly and Jim. Sadly Holly did not live long enough to see her youngest daughter's grandchildren, but her grand daughter Margo and her hubby Alan ensured that she was rewarded with Carly and Paul. Holly sadly passed away 8 months after her 80th. birthday. Rest in Peace Nana.

Molly with Sarah Jane.
Jim with Renae Lea.
Both Molly and Jim lived long enough to see Jim's two great grand children Jayden and Taylah and Molly's little twinnies Renae Lea and Sarah Jane. Molly was 88 when she passed on and Jim was 92 when he left us 10 months later. God bless them both.

Gabi and Jim having a quick puff during a visit to see Kylie and Pats twinnies. Jim smoked up until he died at 92 years of age. He would have been regarded as a victim of the dreaded nicotine.

Two desperates.
Margaret, Kevin and Gabi.
Father Kev, or Batesy as he is known to us all has married and buried many of the family. He has an enviable reputation within and without the Catholic Church because of his hands on approach with everything he is asked or expected to do. For the time being his interstate travelling appears to be over and he currently has his own parish, which I am certain will more than prosper under his guidance. During one of the activities taking place on Catholic Youth Day, more than several pilgrims were heard to ask, " Who's that German priest on the stage with Batesy?" I am also sure that the Creator will forgive him for following that useless Cross Country Basketball as he is an old Geelong boy.

Camera Hog Gabi and Cathy.
Long before I had even met Gabi she was associated with the Rockdale CYO and had many close friends with whom she hung out with. After meeting Gabi, my surf club activities ceased and I was introduced to some of these close friends. Sadly some of them have passed on and when Gabi and I moved to greener pastures north of Sydney, it seemed as though contact would be lost with the remainder. Early this year some of us had an enjoyable reunion that brought back memories of some of the huge Chinese and Italian nosh ups that were common in the City. We ate, we talked, we ate, we talked and so on. Our charming hostess was Sue Hinwood who Gabi and I had not seen for yonks. Sue is one who used her noggin and now resides in our little patch of Paradise on the shores of Lake Macquarie. It was good to see some of the mob again and what a relief that, although a little more mature, everyone appeared to be in good health.

Sue, Robyn, Gabi, Bruce, Maria, John.

The family Easter picnic at Myuna Bay.
This was a regular Easter Sunday event up until a couple of years ago. I reckon it's about time we kicked it off again. Good food, good company with me taking the kids for a bouncy ride around the lake in the tinnie.

Typical Xmas Fare.
At present the Annual Xmas feast is taking place within the walls of 'Le Club Holmes' at the Kings Langley Estate, with our friendly hosts Maurs and Steve. This nosh up generally takes place on the Saturday before Xmas day. Chris Cringle is none other than Batesy who needs no cotton wool for his moosh.

Retirement has its advantages.
Son and heir Patrick as Hebrew shepherd. Back row, 3rd. from left.
Below are the two main reasons for me wanting to hang around a while longer. They started out as Search and Destroy, are currently Thelma and Louise, but it won't be too long before father Patrick requires a whip and chair to fend off the many young lads who most certainly will be lining up to attract their attention.
Sarah Jane.

Renae Lea.
I have mentioned many times before that I've had a wonderful life. This is not a lie, I may not have accomplished what many others, more talented and committed than I, have done, but I have made a contribution and was blessed to have had loads of fun at the same time.

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