Friday, September 2, 2016



Apart from her inspired painting and her love of a good drop of either red or white, Gabi has always had a love of watching things grow.
Since taking up residence in our little cottage in the Hunter region at Fern Bay NSW, she has attempted to brighten up the entrance to our humble abode with the addition of many colourful plants, flowers and herbs and spices etc.

Here is a sample of how it's turning out.............



Along with the basic herbs Oregano, Thyme, Dill, Rosemary, Curly and Italian Parsley, when in season we also have Tomatoes, Silver Beet, Carrots and Onions that always taste much better than the ones bought at the supermarket.
We were considering producing our own milk, but there was no room for the cow to sleep.
Next door neighbour Bob suggested Gabi take a sample of his Evening Primrose growing in abundance in his small garden out front.
The sample below was planted and in a few weeks time.............


Gabi's big sister Margaret has had quite a few years start on her kid sister when it comes to the garden.
Here are a few samples from Marg's backyard at Oakhurst..............

Both the girls have inherited green thumbs it seems.


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