Sunday, January 10, 2010


This is what I have been spending a considerable amount of time chasing all over Lake Macquarie. Haven't caught one this big yet, but I can be be a pretty stubborn bastard. In all honesty though, if ever I did land one like this beauty, I would more than likely release it as it would be a female capable of producing thousands of more little lizards throughout the lake during its remaining lifetime.

As mentioned below, I have just sold the boat to someone who I feel sure will put it to better use than me. As soon as my legs improve I am certain that something a wee bit smaller will be purchased and the never ending search for a decent feed will continue.

The Tinnie (I've just flogged it......Jan. 13th.)

The Merewether Baths
As close to the surf as I dare to go

Gone are the days when one could scream across the face of a Dee Why Point barrel on ones malibu, or a left hander at North Avalon. Even my body surfing days appear to be behind me as the blood has way too many obstacles in my tired and aching legs to find its way through. At least twice a week Gabi and I drive to the Merewether Baths, which takes around 25 minutes and spend around an hour or so swimming and wading in the brisk ocean water, then leave for home at 7pm or close to it and arrive home before 7:30 pm. We both prefer the salt water than the chlorinated pools that are much nearer to home.

What is comforting however is the fact that the missus and I are indeed living in Paradise and I suppose more importantly simply living. Not having to contend with the horrendous Sydney traffic is most certainly a bonus and blessing. Everything we required and desired in Sydney is available where we are now and our standard of living has vastly improved. I am so pleased that my late parents made the right decision to sell up and move to Wangi as their last several years were in many ways, the best in their lives, as they both kept on saying, almost ad nauseum. They too were convinced that they were indeed living in Paradise.
You only live once and I most certainly have done that. The brakes are now on and speeding through life has turned into a slow crawl. The good and the bad years are all in the past, thankfully most of them were good. Regrets remain to haunt ones conscience regarding some of the stupid,almost insane acts committed all those years ago, but thankfully memories of the odd worthwhile contribution to my fellow man enables one to achieve peace and satisfaction with what is left of ones life.

Just found out that a former surf club captain is still riding a malibu at age 70+, bloody hell it makes me feel old and decrepit.....Come to think of it, I AM old and decrepit. Both my parents have passed on leaving a large gap in both my life and Gabi's, but life must go on and watching the twinnies Sarah and Renae growing up makes that life worthwhile.

It did not seem the same celebrating the Festive season without the folks and immediate family this year, but, at least it was quiet and uneventful. The best part was stumbling across several of my former friends from the Avalon club who are still SLSA proficient and who are showing me up by still being able to be embraced by the sacred surf......bloody show offs. Queensland's gain and I suppose Avalon's loss.
Oh how the mighty have fallen. My only contribution is at the occasional special event frying the onions on the boat shed barbie and pointing out to surf club management that tea cakes and coffee after the AGM are a bit rich. As I made known at the last meeting I attended,
"What no beer? Oh my God! Things have really changed since I was here last." Sigh!!! 

"Fair go, what else is there?"
"You're kidding, what is this?..... the Twilight Zone?"
"Ah!.......Now that's more like it."

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