Saturday, January 8, 2011


Obviously my highly talented better half Gabi had very little to do one day and decided to take a handful of shots through our casement windows. One can only assume the caffeine in the coffee she's been consuming lately was responsible for this unexpected flowing of her creative juices..............Any wonder, take a butchers at her coffee mug.

View from the computer room

The back gate through the main bedroom window.

Not so much through the window, but from it.

Laundry door.

Third bedroom window, looking north west.

Pam's front steps and Col's rumpus room.

Kitchen window, looking north east.

Living room window, looking due north.

Not exactly magnificent vistas and panoramas on offer, but at least it's home sweet home. My younger memories are of inner city smog with views of factories belching smoke and the sounds of both heavy and light industry all around. Being under the Mascot fly path didn't help much either and even though back then it was never a major problem at the time, I know where I would prefer to be today.

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