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George Street Marrickville.
The view across the street.
It was all a misunderstanding, but when it happened I was devastated and for the following two to three weeks I was inconsolable. To explain the circumstances that led to my six month suspension from my beloved surf club would take way too long and could possibly create undesirable friction, so let us simply say it truly was a misunderstanding. 

Although having many close friends and surf club collegues who made my early years so enjoyable, it was the young ladies who aroused what passion there was within me. Some may say that my lifestyle was promiscuous and self serving, but nothing could be further from the truth. On the rare occasion I got lucky, so to speak, it was generally something out of the ordinary that inspired me to greater heights. The few times I actually chased after girls I had become interested in nearly all ended being unproductive. It was Mother Nature, or simply fate that was responsible for those relationships that went on to become something out of the ordinary. This is one of those extremely rare occasions when I met a genuine 10 and fate did the rest.
I hasten to add that despite all the pleasures of the past, I finally met my match in 1971 when a cheeky brunette who registered 11 out of 10 on the scale, became responsible for me putting it all behind and starting a new way of life and I haven't looked back since.

Marrickville Road.
Old Barrenjoey Rd. Avalon. Old site of the La Fiesta (Behind trees)

Bras and Cars  and Counting Stars
Compared to Avalon not a lot happened in and around Marrickville that appealed to me. No beach, no surf, no scantily clad beach bunnies and no friends or partners to hang out with. My stepbrother Jay was a petrol head and along with his mates from Cronulla, he would wash and polish his Vauxhall Velox and they would wax and polish their mean machines, then off to the local milk bar near the end of Cronulla's main drag, whatever it was called, to compare whose vehicle shined the most. Bloody Hell, give me a break, the excitement of it all. 

Although born and raised in the inner west and being familiar with attitudes and wearing apparel etc. I always had big problems comprehending how crapping on in milk bars and the like about clothes, hairstyles and motor vehicles could excite one when only a short walk away was the real Australia........the beach and sacred surf.

Cronulla Beach.  This is what it is all about. What a lucky country we have.

Cronulla as it once was.
As it is.
One whole week passed by and at every opportunity my brother never once stopped talking about the right raver he would be cracking onto the following Friday evening. I have absolutely no idea what possessed me, but in a temporary fit of insanity I agreed to travel with him to Cronulla on what he insisted was going to be his big night. Come Friday night the Velox was fired up, after two hours of washing and spit polishing of course and we were off to the Shire's capitol.

Arriving at the local milk bar that was the haunt of way too many petrol headed wankers for my liking, we gathered dust up until some of Jay's mates began to arrive and the car comparisons began. Pretty soon the conversation arrived at who was going to get lucky that evening, with the odds on favourite being  my loving brother. Before we all knew it, two typical Westie females arrived, clad in blue jeans and wearing blouses that were designed to flash just enough of their well filled bras to arouse more than merely interest.

One was wearing a red top and the other one wore a pinkish one. I am not lying when I state they were both well developed up top and neither one could ever fall flat on her face.

One of these females was, quite frankly, lay down dead gorgeous and the other although rather good looking and well stacked up top, in my opinion she would have appealed to me more if she had been 6 or 7 kilo heavier, but then again at times, I could be a fussy bugger. Both girls were brown haired with the stunner's hair a shade darker and much longer, falling well below her shoulders and almost half way down her back. The slimmer one's was quite shorter, not reaching her shoulders.

It had been an unusually warm winter's day and even though the sun had set, it hadn't really got much cooler. If my foggy memory is correct, both girls were carrying light, blue denim jackets in case the weather changed. When the long haired spunk decided to adjust her bra, she slid into one of the booths for privacy. I almost choked on my chocolate milk shake, for I was still sitting in the one she chose with a guy named Keith, who ran like buggery into the Gents within seconds of her completed adjustment. My body was telling me that maybe I should have done likewise. I assumed, going on all the hype that had been coming my way all week, that Jay had the hots for the curvy, long haired sweety...........I was wrong, it was the short haired cutie who had aroused his passion and God only knows what else.
What was going down brought back memories of my earlier teenage years in Annandale. Here I was in a milk bar watching oversexed guys who got their kicks polishing cars, attempting to crack onto anything in a skirt.
Parry's Milk Bar Cronulla today.
Despite the presence of our two nubile members of the opposite sex, all the guys refused to cease rabbiting on about their beloved petrol guzzlers. The girls were even left alone to talk among themselves while the petrol heads adjourned outside to drool over Bob's Customline...Fair Dinkum.
I was aware of rumblings of discontent emanating from the womenfolk as the mass exodus from the milk bar began. I smiled at them and shook my head and appeared to get a reaction from the shapely one. I got the impression she asked softly as our eyes met, "What?"

Everyones reaction to the pride of Ford Australia, to me at least, was almost like that of a young boy masturbating. Then again, with maybe one or two exceptions, they were most certainly all a bunch of wankers anyway. 
Being a shit stirrer of the first degree, I pointed out in jest that Jay had a brand new real synthetic lambswool mat on the floor in the front of his Vauxhall and had painted his tyres with Kitten Tyre Black.  The hordes deserted the Ford and it was everyone over to the Velox to gaze in wonder at the mat and for a stimulating discussion to determine whether Jay's tyres were blacker than anyone else's. A common ending to all this usually assured at least some of them would achieve an orgasm.......I'm not making this up, truly.
Yes thrillseekers, car mats. Aren't they exciting?

WOW!! Black Tyres.

The boys suddenly appeared and the next thing I realised was Jay and I were heading for his car, in the company of the two girls. I have no recollection of anyone asking them to join us, it just seemed to happen. The slimmer one hopped in the front seat with Jay and the living doll climbed into the back with little old me. We had purchased some cold drinks, chips and other teeth rotting rubbish and we were off to the Royal National Park.

We arrived at the Audley Weir and the car was parked and almost immediately my companion suggested we make ouselves scarce so Jay and whatsaname could have some privacy.

The two of us wandered around 200 metres away and made ourselves comfortable on the river bank. I cannot recall how long we were there, but I had never felt so much at ease with a girl ever. Maybe it was because it never occurred to me that there was the possibility of a romantic encounter evolving. The story of my life always seemed to be if a young lady appealed to me, I tended to become a gibbering wreck and more often than not, blew any chance of anything worthwhile developing. 
This was different. She obviously liked me and at times was laughing out loud at some of my dubious surf club activities...........I was truly stoked.

A peaceful and almost blessed spot.

We talked and talked about a whole range of subjects. I realised she was extremely intelligent and not the bimbo I had imagined she was. She actually was interested, not so much in the physical me, but more in my interests and lifestyle. At this time there was really only one subject that I got a buzz from talking about and that was, you guessed it, the surf club and all things beach related. She lapped it all up and commented she could listen to me all night as the evening was delightfully cool, yet comfortable..........she too appeared stoked.

We eventually drifted slowly back towards the car and upon arrival Jay and his partner were in the front seat chatting merrily away. What went down? To this day I haven't a clue, but one has always been of the opinion that someone did indeed get lucky. 

Mere assumption on my part.

I hasten to add at this stage, it wasn't me folks. No sooner had we started moving I was asked whether I would be interested in a trip to Avalon that evening. It turns out that my goddess was in no mood to return home so early in the evening and was looking forward to spending more time with yours truly. She had no idea of the whereabouts of a Sydney suburb called Avalon, although she was aware of the dying, if not already dead Surfers Stomp dance craze that began there. She was keen to go there and see it for herself. Who was I to argue. Jay dropped us both off outside our Marrickville house where my little Morris 1100 was parked. We all said our goodbyes and off we went in the little red fluid floater.

I mentioned that I was currently under suspension from the club and it was most unlikely we would be able to enter the clubs premises, even though I still had in my possession the keys to the building. The one hour trip to Avalon generally speaking was usually uneventful, but when my new found friend decided it was too warm to be wearing the jacket she had on, she removed it.  Without the denim jacket her bra straps were showing, which annoyed her no end, so off it went as well.

"I truly apologise for all this Trev," she said sheepishly, as the bra was deposited in my glove box. The smile on her face indicated she knew exactly what she was doing and my reaction caused her to laugh out loud.
Fair bloody dinkum, I almost ran off the road and into Narrabeen Lake as the blood began rushing unabated to a very special part of my body, where nature believed it would be of the most use. Even after her top was back on and adjusted, I was still capable of pole vaulting all the way to Avalon.

Eventually we arrived safely and pulled up outside the La Fiesta Coffee Shop. Bugger! my body was still shouting, not so much from the rooftops, but from much lower down, how happy I was to see her still and me without ice or a cold spoon in the car. I entered the shop walking ahead of her and sat down quickly at the first available table. I think it was still only around 10:30 ish when we each had a bowl of ravioli bolegnese washed down with two cappucinnos each. One thing I noticed was, I was not on my Pat Malone when it came to being highly impressed by her thick, long, dark hair and that red top she was almost wearing, it was indeed an eye opener, more so without a bra to support her not so flat chest.
My God she was a good sort.

Even though it was a mild winter's evening there was no one over at the clubhouse other than Harry the caretaker. Harry had no problems with me being in the club, in fact I am certain he was unaware that I was even under suspension. Even though it must have been around 11:30 pm he was almost delighted to see me. I'm certain he had no intention to stop ogling my partner and insisted on making coffee for all of us. I informed my gorgeous brunette that where we were standing was where the Stomp dance craze originated under two years earlier and this seemed to impress her no end. Harry made the coffee and the three of us sat on the deck out front and chewed the fat for about an hour or so. It was a beautiful relaxing period of time, sipping our coffee and counting the stars.

When Harry excused himself and retired, I guess it would not have been too far short of 12:45am. The next thing I experienced was being kissed on the lips ever so tenderly by whatever her name was. We sat together, her head on my shoulder and said nothing for at least the next 15 minutes or so. I have no idea how long we remained in each others arms, but neither of us wanted to move, we simply snuggled, whispered and sighed. 
I recalled  how I felt when being introduced to the suburb and beach for the first time and I am certain it was something she could relate to, as she openly admitted to understanding why I preferred my chosen lifestyle to the Westie way.

What time did we call it quits and head off in the general direction of the bunkhouse, I have absolutely no idea. Downstairs the boatshed door was locked that would have given us access to the locker room and bunkhouse. I bit the bullet and used my keys and after showing her around the boatshed along with its contents, we entered the bunkhouse. She asked me, "Won't you get into trouble for this?" I told her yes, but pointed out that I was still happy to be here and then she wanted to know what would happen if we were found out. I told her I would be suspended from the club. She replied, "You're already suspended though," then added with a smile on her beautiful face, "Oh well, they can only hang you once I suppose. Come on, I'm game if you are." It was then made perfectly clear to me how happy she was to be here as well.  

I wish the club's bunkhouse was as neat and tidy as this one.
All I will reveal is we arrived somewhere around 2:00 am. and later on that morning we had tea with old Harry and breakfast at the La Fiesta at nine o'clock. This was after we both showered separately, taking turns at standing sentry in case any club committee members put in an appearance.  At the time I wondered what Harry was thinking, but he never made any comment and appeared to accept the situation as being perfectly natural and understandable. I believe he fully approved.
Sunset at Avalon.   Beautiful.
Winter sunrise at Avalon Beach.  Just as  Beautiful.


Despite the lack of sleep, what followed was the full on Cooks Tour of Palm and Whale Beach and a few stops at some of the other Northern Beaches as we headed south.

Palm Beach.
Whale Beach.

We had lunch somewhere in Dee Why I think and finally resurfaced in the milk bar at Cronulla around 5:30pm.
The two of us had hardly arrived when several guys and girls were informing her that someone unbeknowns to me wanted to see her urgently. Our goodbye was hurried and extremely strange as we entered a shopfront around the corner where we were hidden from general view. Her goodbye kiss was a long lingering one and I noticed a tear in her eye just before I entered my car. With one last wave I headed home to Marrickville.

My worst nightmare.
My brother was not at home when I arrived and it was almost 11:00 pm when he returned. Boy oh Boy, wasn't the cat amongst the pigeons and hadn't I caused some trouble in the Shire. It turns out my delightful company for the evening and following day had only just ended a relationship with what sounded like a nine foot six inch tall Maori who I was told was built like a proverbial brick shithouse. 
I was looking forward to making her acquaintance again the following week, but Jay insisted that I go nowhere near Cronulla for at least the next 12 months or more. It was like having a contract placed on you. Some loudmouth wanker told her former boyfriend that some non local guy was seen driving off with her early on Friday evening. This boyfriend was evidently bending over backwards to pick up with her again and the word was out if ever that little shit who had it off with her shows his face again, he was going to have the living crap beaten out of him. Thank God nobody told him that my stepbrother was Jay and thank God also the Mafia style Code of Silence had been activated. What he didn't know wasn't going to hurt me......Phew!

I may be entirely wrong here, but I seem to recall being told she had moved to either the Gold Coast or thereabouts and as for Goliath, he was forced to accept the relationship was over. Later on that year after I was readmitted to the Avalon club, my stepbrother informed me that this oversize Kiwi was still on the lookout for the bastard who he deemed responsible for keeping him and his top sort apart. Most people would simply shrug their shoulders, let out a sigh and put it all behind them, not me however. For me, this was a wonderful and sensual experience that could have gone anywhere, but fate decreed it should end the way that it did. She was indeed a flirtatious, sexy, sensual woman, but a highly intelligent and good humoured one to boot. She knew how to ring all my bells and got a real  buzz out of flirting with and teasing me outrageously. Her head was securely screwed on however and this I believe would have seen to it that her future would be cosy and rosy, no matter where she chose to hang her hat.

I never saw or ever heard from her again, we had only shared each other's company for a grand total of 23 hours, but it took over 6 months for the tears to stop trickling down my cheeks. It was another 10 years before I was game enough to visit Cronulla again. For quite a while she remained constantly on my mind, as her silky off white bra was still in the car's glove box. I left it there.

There was more than one occasion when explanations to the odd female companion and/or passenger had to be forthcoming. "Hey! what's this?" and "Who owns this?" or "And what have you been up to?" had to be followed by a believable excuse. I simply said it belonged to my sister. Praise the Lord they were not aware I didn't have one. When I eventually traded in the Morris for a sports car years later, I forgot to check the glove box. I hope the new owner was not married as his missus may have had a few questions requiring answers. As for lucky Jay my brother, shortly after his fact finding mission at Audley, he met a Caringbah girl named Sue and ended up marrying her.

Compared to the average bloke my experiences with the opposite sex were pretty tame and few and far between, therefore I assume that is why I was so affected by this girl who truly was a one off special. I've never doubted why her former boyfriend went to the ends he did to win her back. I know for a fact that many of the former young and virile good lookers are currently wed and have become loving wives and parents. Some are even grannies, such is the way of the world. The ones who I lost contact with, I feel sure would have husbands and family to look after and their past activities would have become distant memories and in some cases long forgotten. I have never been so genuinely sincere when I truthfully say, God bless every single one of them, it was an honour and privilege to have had them as a part of my life.

The end result for me was I returned to doing what I loved and knew best...........

Vigilance and Service

 ..........and of course, continued to devour lots and lots of that frothy amber fluid.

At time of writing, all that preceded took place over 48 years ago. It's been over 20 years since my stepbrother Jay suffered a massive heart attack and sadly did not survive. Hopefully he has been reunited with his father and my loving stepfather Jim and my mum Molly. We were like chalk and cheese, but I missed him terribly then and still do. He was a wonderful bloke with a great sense of humour, a hard worker, loving husband and a devoted father who passed on way before his time.............R I P  Meggs.

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