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(Or in this case the keyboard is)

Throughout the centuries mankind has always had a need to communicate. So many ways of doing so have, throughout these periods of time, changed considerably as technology improved the equipment and methods of communication.

A good example is as follows.......

Roman writing tablet.

This preceded what centuries later, the renowned bard William Shakespeare used to produce his literary masterpieces........

During the 20th Century the implements for writing had undergone more than just subtle changes. Pen and ink were the means of putting things down and like the printing press was able to do in the times of King James the 1st, they made it possible for people to read simply for enjoyment, as well as for information.

Along with the graphite pencil, it was the two items shown as follows that became the norm for putting things down in writing. Many variations of the nibbed pen and ball point were available and were widely in use.

The nibbed fountain pen and..........

 ...........The ball point pen.
The common lead pencil.

Much of my correspondence was by courtesy of the pen and biro as we called it. Many years later I bit the bullet and purchased a typewriter, which I thought would also enable me to put down in writing all my memoirs...........

However, it was not until my good wife Gabi and I were conned into entering the computer age by my son and heir Patrick, that the urge to bore folk to death with dodgy tales from antiquity became almost an obsession with me. The person mainly responsible for this sadistic desire to inflict parts of ones past life upon an unsuspecting public, happened to be Aussie expat Clive James, whose 'Unreliable Memoirs' had me in stitches. So many of  Clive's experiences in Kogarah were identical to my own in Annandale. So you can blame him if you wish.

Although never intending to match the descriptive ability and the way Mr. James has with words, I nevertheless believed if he could entertain readers by informing them of his early and later years, so could I. So many of his misadventures and activities throughout his early years almost completely mirrored my own, so I bit the bullet and decided to put in writing as much as I could recall, before the slowly but surely dimming memories were erased by time.
My problem was where does one start to record a past sinful life that contained so many ups and downs, so many disappointments, but most thankfully so many wonderful and emotional moments responsible for leaving me with nothing but fondness and gratitude for what went down all those years ago. Crystal clear recollections of the many wonderful friendships made and time spent with people who were so very dear and special to me.

Why was it the sun, sand and surf that literally became a part of me for virtually the whole of my life. You could say I was the kind of person who simply enjoyed contributing to society and serving my fellow man. You could, but lets be honest, there were many other reasons that helped me make my decision to dedicate a major portion of my life to Surf are just four....

Never in my wildest dreams as a young mischieveous little bugger roaming the streets of Annandale looking for wreck to wreak, did it ever occur to me that one day I would be performing a public service as a volunteer and loving it. I never imagined the feelings of contentment, satisfaction and exhilaration that one day would be experienced after making a commitment to all things surf and beach related. Throughout the 1960's it was all beer and skittles and at times there was even the possibility that one may even self destruct, but there was a public service to be provided and this kept things on an even keel. During those first thirteen years as a volunteer surf lifesaver I participated in over 300 rescues and what later on were known as Preventative Actions. For most of my patrols I happened to be the beltman and I know for a fact that at least 8 to 10 people would not be here today if my beach patrol had not been capable of providing the vigilance and service expected of them.
The thought never crossed my mind that one day, despite the company of and the attention of many attractive young ladies, that one particular young lady would enter my life and do more than just turn my head. I ended up going the way of so many clubbies and was content to begin a new life as a married man and later on as a parent.

Patrick and Snoopy.

   As I type, I've even made it as a grandparent. 

Renae and Sarah.
One thing I missed was all that eye candy sprawled upon the sands, but there were occasions when having a good sort for a missus more than made up for it, as these two photos from the past clearly indicate.

Photo No. 1 is Gabi, age 21.

Nine years later, one year after having Patrick

Gabi showing off her assets.

Shortly after meeting Gabi, I was introduced to her best friend Lesley. The two girls were the closest of friends long before I appeared on the horizon. One of Lesley's friends was the gorgeous Flo, who in a short space of time took her place alongside Lesley as Gabi's favourite.
Lesley was a beautiful girl whose main feature was her long light brown hair that was always worn down over the shoulders reaching her breasts. She was slim without being skinny and quite often turned male heads when out and about.
Flo was tallish with an eye for fashion and could be described as a clothes horse. She was one of those girls who could wear a hessian bag and make it look as though it was a design garment made specifically for her. Her main feature were her long legs along with the most gorgeous well rounded butt simply asking to be spanked. 
As can be seen in the preceding photos, Gabi's main feature were her awe inspiring breasts and a rear end similar to Flo's.
For many years Lesley, Flo and their husbands Doug and Peter, along with Gabi and I became a sextet whose main concern was to simply have a good time.
We more than accomplished that.

Gabi and Flo flashing flesh.
The previous shot was what occurred on a regular basis behind the garage at Mortdale. The girls of course were big showoffs and quite often attracted the attention of our next door neighbours Paul and Roger.
What a pity Gabi's other best friend Lesley never brought her bikini when visiting. What a trifecta that would have been................ WHOA!!!      Three top sorts, three top bodies.
Lesley.  All class.
Flo.  The morning after a great night out with Peter and Sue at  Leeton.

"Why did you wake me? God I'm crook."


All that remains today are those blessed memories of times gone by and of those who contributed to making them what they were.
I was never the best at anything, but oh boy, didn't I have some fun and gain satisfaction from attempting to be.

The one thing that I am ashamed of is I have always had a habit of burning my bridges behind me and this was responsible for me losing touch with those whom I most certainly should not have. This is my only major regret.

Today, many folk have no idea what it was like to live and play at a time when there was hardly any political correctness and if you did not like something or someone, you simply said so or told them so.  There were no laws that made it an offence to have a genuine opinion on a subject or person. Wages were low, but so too were prices and all in all, one was better off then than today. (Take petrol prices, electicity, gas and water charges as an example.)

At time of writing this little piece, there are over 40 tales from the past that have been recorded for future generations and posterity. Many of these tales are indeed one hundred percent true and what has been described is a true description of what took place exactly as it happened. Many of the photographs have been taken from the internet to show what was what and generally they paint a fairly accurate image of the described events as they're written. Some of the other tales are true, but in a few small parts have been dramatised to add interest. The remainder are what Hollywood would advertise as a true story based on fact. In some cases names have been changed to protect the guilty and there are moments of sheer fantasy, where the true facts have been replaced by dreaming and wishful thinking. Come on now, nobody's perfect. 

Just thought I would include this picture. If anyone ever asks, "What is a groundswell?" Show them this.
Absolutely amazing.

Somewhere in Hawaii I would say.
As the decades have rolled on, I have reached the crest of the hill and for quite some time now it's  all been about descending. I have gone..........

......from this...... this.
The years, on the whole have been very kind to me and even though I have never accomplished every single thing I desired, the undeniable fact is I have accomplished a whole lot more than I ever imagined I would. When I finally go toes up at Ryhope, I will leave behind a son and grandaughters along with Gabi, my female sparring partner for over 40 years and many other members of the extended family, the older ones of whom have experienced similar ups and downs, while the not so old will continue to learn from their own experiences.

One thing I can be accused of is being over sentimental, but I make no excuses for that. During the 1960's and 70's it was one big rage that slowly tapered off when true responsibility began to take over. Sure, there were many sinful activities that took place, but once again I must add that no one was ever seriously hurt. Even during those wild years the fondest memory was always  Xmas with the folks and extended family. Today there is only Gabi, Patrick, Kylie and the Giggles, along with me who's left. Just recently I uncovered what I think is a birthday gathering at our former Peakhurst home that is arguably the last time we were all together as one. I always loved family gatherings.

Gabi and Patrick (Foreground left), Brother Jay. Jim, Molly, Sue, Margaret and Holly (From the back left clockwise) Missing is Jay and Sue's son Grant.
Sadly, Jay, Jim, Molly and Holly are no longer with us in body, but always in spirit.

Throughout the past few years when I commenced wandering down memory lane, God only knows how many recollections and anecdotes have been responsible for my eyes filling and at times those tears that streamed down my cheeks. Being aware of ones mortality instills a desire to be able to do it all over again........Sigh!

Nothing lasts forever and you only live once and I've more than had my turn. Please take time out to read what has made my limited time on this planet so enjoyable. If anyone obtains only a small degree of satisfaction from life, compared to what this little black duck has, you'll be doing OK.

 Look, read and enjoy.

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