Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Annual Odyssey

Mona Vale Road.
Surf Club AGM.
Avalon RSL. Al Fresco Dining.

A few drinks at the QY’s bar then off to the Rissole for lunch.
Some of the guys had not seen each other for over 30 years.
Were the tales told tall, to tell the truth terribly......Tut! Tut! Tut!


Outwardly at least not a lot appeared to have changed as I was driving one of my sparring partners from the 60’s and early 70’s to Yabbie Creek along the well worn Mona Vale Road. Even some of the same old road markings from over 36 years ago seemed to have survived. It was a trip down memory lane for Farls and myself as we headed up north looking forward to the Annual oldies reunion that was due to take place in the Avalon SLSC to be followed by lunch at the local RSL. The get together was to commence at 10:30am. Surf club time, which meant some time before 11;30am. True to form when we both arrived around 10:15 am. there was only a handful of members in attendance. Thankfully by 11:15 ish, the numbers were quite respectable and my co pilot Farls was able to renew old acquaintances, some of whom he had not seen for over 34 years. What was the new clubhouse had transformed throughout the years into the old clubhouse, although a few modifications along with a coat of well applied fresh paint and a newly varnished floor made the home of so many memories appear up to scratch.

The odd beer was consumed in the clubs QY’s bar and just after 12 noon we all adjourned to the Avalon RSL for lunch, a few more sherbets and lots and lots of some of the most farfetched stories to stretch ones credibility were forthcoming. Listening to some of these tales brought back many mind boggling memories as, I am almost ashamed to admit, quite a few of them involved my disgusting self. What a naughty boy I was. The longer we all conversed revealing the hidden and not so hidden secrets regarding past crimes, the more at ease I was becoming, as it appeared that most of these aging pillars of society made me seem to be almost a well behaved saint during my naughty periods, which were considerable. Today, technology has made it possible for many ways to entertain oneself, but back in the 1960’s and previous, one had to work quite hard and often, to create situations to keep one amused.

One of my major faults was not keeping in touch with so many worthwhile people, many of whom were close friends and this was brought home to me when I discovered that many of these past and present legends had kept in touch with many of the former members who disappeared in the early 1960’s. No one lives forever, but during the 60’s decade I was certain I would and lived life accordingly. It was extremely sad to learn of the passing of past friends and colleagues, most of whom contributed their share towards the successful running of the club. Some may have been rough diamonds, others highly skilled, but they were all dedicated one way or the other to a wonderful lifestyle and performed an essential public service without expecting any plaudits. I can only hope that when it comes my time to face the Creator that memories of my misbehaving self are retained by the odd few surviving scallywags. Until then I intend to return to barbecue duties at special functions and hopefully for many years to come, attend the annual reunion for all us old farts. As Davo’s tee shirt said…………… OLD GUYS RULE.

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