Sunday, September 28, 2008

Feel the serenity.

The Hunter Valley Winefields

Hunter Valley Gardens

Merewether Baths

The old Merewether Dressing Sheds

Who says you’re too old to have a ball at 65.
Certainly not my missus. She’s only got one, but it’s much, much bigger than anything I’ve got.

The years of playing up may be over, replaced by the years of lying limp, but who cares? Life goes on and ones creativity is still required, even more so, to ensure it stays fruitful instead of just merely fruity.

What becomes of mischief makers when Mother nature decrees that various parts of one’s anatomy should slow down and in some cases grind to a complete halt. Nose hair begins to grow faster than kikuyu grass, whilst rapidly disappearing from ones crown at a similar rate. Long strands of hair are seen protruding from ones ears and ones eyebrows begin to resemble those of the late former PM Sir Robert Menzies. Cholesterol is sky high, sugar levels are almost frightening, the old ticker begins missing the odd beat or two and ones physique transforms from a trifle overweight to the point where it would be possible to be seen from the moon. Before breakfast every morning one throws half a plastic bucket full of multi coloured capsules and tablets down ones throat, injects the insulin, then heads for the kitchen to prepare a breakfast that would not fill or satisfy a budgie. At least work does not enter into the equation as one is retired……Ahh! Listen to the serenity. What does one do to keep fit? The answer to that question is, not a lot. Now that my defibrillator is fitted and the wound has fully healed, riding my push bike between Toronto and Fassifern along the concrete bike track has become a regular event. Weather and winds permitting my little 4 metre centre console tinny is taken on the odd journey to various parts of Lake Macquarie and on many fishing excursions. My good wife and partner in crime Gabi devotes most of her time to assist in the running of Dobell House in Wangi Wangi and at the same time obtains satisfaction from evolving into an extremely talented artist, who has won her fair share of awards at various art exhibitions and competitions.

What a fine upstanding bunch we were.
Neither of us ever regarded the home computer as being a necessary item to install in our simple domicile, but ever since one was installed it brought about an addiction to typing ones memoirs and the like and a considerable portion of the day and evening is spent on ones bum banging away at the keyboard typing all sorts of mind blowing codswallop. Some of our neighbours are extremely impressed with our computing ability, but in reality, what would take my son Patrick 15 minutes to complete would take Gabi and I at least a fortnight or more to do likewise. 

The origin of the Faeces.

Crayfish at Anchors.

Yum Cha at The House of Peking.

Nightingale Wines at Broke.
The Hunter Valley wineries and restaurants are also good value. Even during peak hour it only takes 30 minutes to drive to nearly all the local surfing beaches. Throughout the warmer months Gabi and I head for the large rock pool at Merewether Beach for some salt water therapy at least twice a week. On and off I would swim around 1 kilometre during each session and while in the cool water I experience a feeling of exhilaration unobtainable elsewhere.
It was quite amusing when the two of us moved into the district, we were referred to as the young couple down the street, the mind truly boggles. We have been blessed with superb neighbours, although we’re all at that stage where one may be capable of hiding one’s own Easter Eggs. 

The body may have weakened and put an end to many of the physical fun of the past, but the mind, although at times warped, is still active with a sense of humour to boot and despite society’s preoccupation with mediocrity, one soldiers on attempting to retain genuine worthwhile values by ignoring politically correct buffoons and by occasionaly informing them, “ Stuff the lot of you!” 

It has been 36 years since my dear wife Gabi and I tied the knot. During those years our bodies have obeyed the laws of nature and our physical appearance has transformed from Sonny and Cher to resembling Tweedledum and The Vicar of Dibley. I have no idea where those years have gone or how they managed to pass so quickly. This could be another reason why I still retain fond memories of the past, because back then 3 months seemed to take almost a full year to go by, whereas today a full year is gone in a couple of months. Despite the many foolish mistakes made over the past decades, I would love to do it all over again without hardly changing a single solitary thing…..Well, most of it anyway.

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