Monday, September 29, 2008

SANDRA and JUDITH at Brooky

Not a lot has changed at Brooky, it's still basically the same today as it was when we descended upon it all those many years ago. 

The Eastern Hill.

A great lineup.
Big Red and Jude, what a double of trouble. Two 24 year old extremely well developed top sorts passing themselves off as 12 year olds. You should have seen the looks we got from sections of the crowd who thought we were cradle snatchers. When they looked closer and a little longer, they realised that genuine 12 year olds didn't have anywhere near as many delightful lumps and bumps in those places where our duo did.

During the footy season the developmental work on the first IRB would cease as up to 3 car loads of mischief makers would descend on Brookvale Oval to watch the Rugby League. Most of the group were Manly supporters, except Roscoe and I who happened to be one eyed Tigers. This was widely known and eventually we were asked one day why we attended nearly all of Manly’s matches when we were Balmain supporters. Our answer was quite truthful, even though it made us as popular as a pork chop in a synagogue. We simply said that we actually barracked for two teams; Balmain and whoever was playing Manly. Some of the females who were assisting us develop the IRB, which they had renamed the ‘Giddy Boat,’ would attend the footy with us as they were also keen Manly followers. Two of them, both aged 24 would attempt to enter the oval through the childrens entrance restricted to the under 12’s. One of these female larrikins was the voluptuous redhead named Sandra, aka Sandy or Big Red, the other was her cheeky mate Jude. These two had been blessed by nature with pretty faces and curvaceous fully formed figures that would have delighted any young lady in her late teens or early 20’s.  Every fortnight we would arrive at the ground looking forward to whatever our two well stacked females were going to be wearing, as it varied from game to game. However, whenever decked out with maroon and white ribbons wrapped around pigtails etc. and wearing clothing more suited to a 12 year old schoolgirl and waving their large pom poms, we simply refused to admit that we knew them. Generally speaking the two troublemakers would be wearing shorts at least three sizes too small for girls with the shapely bodies they were blessed with. 
While waiting in the queue one Sunday, our two bouncy and breezy maroon and white ribboned pseudo 12 year olds were calling out and flirting with us guys as they shuffled forward towards the childrens entrance. Judith's hair was in young girlie pigtails while Sandra's made her a dead ringer for Pebbles Flintstone. 

I may be mistaken but I am sure Judy was dressed in those three sizes too small shorts and a top that did absolutely nothing to hide her God given attributes. She was almost completely covered in maroon and white ribbons that were twisted around and tied to her pigtails. She was carrying two huge pom poms also in Manly's colours.
Sandy was wearing a pair of old ripped and torn blue jeans that more than complemented her curvy body and her undersize top was struggling to contain what it was barely covering. She too was covered from head to toe in maroon and white.
Twelve years old? Give me a break.

John told me to completely ignore them and pretend we had no idea who the hell they were. Both girls were admitted, but only after they were asked their age by a suspicious turnstile employee. The two girls insisted they were only 12 years old .This attendant eventually waved them through with a scarcely hidden look of disbelief on his face.  While waiting for my change at the turnstile, this employee asked my attendant if he had noticed the young, curvy red headed girl who had just entered the ground and pointed out that she was only 12. 
"Twelve?" he exclaimed, "Come on now, pull the other one."
"Oh brother,” the first guy said, shaking his head, “When she grows up is she going to be a big girl."

John and I most certainly noticed and years later he ended up marrying Sandra and as I type they are happily residing somewhere over the border in Bananaland........Lucky bugger. As for me, Jude and I ended up becoming an item for a while.............What a pity it didn't last.
I suppose I shouldn’t be too jealous, years later I too ended up marrying a good sort and after 36 years we still share the false teeth during dinner. 

Trouble and strife.

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